ETT Digital is a team of highly skilled experts providing all kinds of digital services such as SEO, PPC, Social media and web design in Torquay, Devon


ETT Digital & Web Design Agency 

You most likely came across our website by searching for Digital Marketing Agency Devon or Devon Digital marketing agency or Digital Marketing Agency U.k or something similar. That’s what we can do for your business. How you found us is the way we can make you be found. We are also actively using the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to help grow our client base.

Looking for Social media marketing? we’ve got you covered. Looking for digital marketing services, no problem at all. Web design in Torquay, Devon? That’s what we specialize in. At ETT Digital we are not just a Digital & Web Design Agency, our aim is to give your business a personality and make your brand stand out from the competition.

Highly Rated Web Design Services

Our Web Design agency has a list of packages to suit all clients needs. Whether you are a small or an expanding business, ETT Digital is here to help you progress. Why we are so proud of our Website Design services is because we put the clients first.

When you call, we can put our workload on hold and be at your service. Customer service is our number one priority at ETT Digital. We offer a door to door service. Whether you are looking for Social media, SEO, PPC or web design in Torquay, Devon. One of our specialist’s in each field will pop over to your business. This gives us a better understanding of what your business needs and builds a connection that will never be broken.

Devon’s Leading Digital & Web Design Agency 

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What does a Digital & Website Design Agency Offer You?

Most business owners are busy, they need the time to manage their business without having to worry about advertising. A Digital Agency offers you freedom. At ETT Digital, we have a saying. “let us do our job, so you can do what your best at”. We will bring in the leads, customers, and sales to your business. There are many strategies to marketing.

Different businesses need different types of marketing. Most Digital & Website design agencies will find the best solution to promote your business. You may need SEO to gain business or you may need to be the powerhouse on social media. ETT Digital will devise the best plan battle plan for your advertisement. So, choose us as your digital Marketing agency and let’s grow your business together. 


How A Digital Marketing Agency Saves You Money

Finding a cost-effective way of advertising has always been a difficult task in business. From early on, leaflet drops, billboard ads, and newspaper ads have been a challenging task. Not to mention, all of these traditional marketing strategies are expensive, right? With using a digital marketing agency, all of those problems go away.

Now you can have your business found directly from the search engines from people looking for your services. Can you learn Digital Marketing yourself? Of course, but as yourself would know, time is money. A solid Digital Marketing agency has the experience in advertising. Our advanced techniques in PPC, SEO, and social media will save you money because of our experience. Looking for a Digital marketing agency in Torquay, Devon? Stay local and you will go far.

*5-Star Digital Marketing & Web Design*

5 star digital agency

I had been struggling with my digital strategy for a while until I spoke to these guys. After phoning up, I spoke to Dan. He walked me through a step by step process. I was then referred to Scott who is the SEO specialist at the agency. Wow, the results I got were incredible. For a newly started digital & web design agency, I was actually shocked. Scott told me it would take 6-9 months to hit the top spots in google and in 2 months I was already there. Thanks again guys

– George Briggs

digital services devon

They created me a brand new website design for my hairdressing service. They have also done some SEO work for me to help me get my site to the top of Google. Would highly recommend this Digital Marketing Agency.

– Leigh Carruthers