Complete Guide For PPC Along WIth Tips For Selecting The Best PPC Agency Services Near You

PPC is an abbreviated form of Pay-Per-Click. PPC is one of the paid marketing ways in the industry of online marketing. In simple language, in PPC, an advertiser posts his advertisement on a platform by delivering him some amount to the platform owner at the time the ad is being clicked for the amount of the PPC of that particular keyword. The primary purpose behind PPC advertising could be many primarily including fetching quality traffic on the websites, improving conversion rates, increasing brand awareness, image, and overall brand goodwill. Often PPC management is done with a sole motive of compelling the viewers of the ad to make valuable decisions like buying the product or seek for the services offered by the advertiser.

In this article, I have tried to explain what PPC exactly means in Google Adwords.

Moreover, if you personally ask me which platforms I prefer to showcase my ads on. Then my answer without taking a second would be search engines. Search engines are potent, and all you need is to hire an expert PPC agency, and you will, in no time witness the unbeatable growth of your company. Moreover, you must be wondering that there are quite a few search engines present so which one to use to market your offerings. Well, in order to solve your query, I would suggest going ahead with Google.

Needless to say, Google is the biggest search engine in the world, and you will get ample amount of probable customer base on Google from across the globe. Google Adwords is my personal favourite whenever it comes to market my products and services on the basis of the Pay Per Click Model. PPC Management is an incredible way to boost sales and ultimate ROI in order to effectively achieve the pre-decided business goals.

How PPC Management Works?

Each time there is an empty spot on a search engine results, (SERPs) the auction for the relevant keyword as per your business starts. In order to decide who will take the first ad spot at the top of the search results is undoubtedly determined by the bidding amount and the quality of the ad group created. In order to make the most of it, it is highly recommended to seek PPC services from a PPC agency because they are pro in what they do and know the entire PPC management thing accurately and know their job back and forth. Moreover, you must follow some short tricks that can help you out with PPC management thoroughly.

The auction basically begins when someone comes on the search engine to search for something. Suppose some advertisers have things to offer or are even willing to show their ads based on a search query made by the probable customer. In that case, the auction is triggered, and the bid for the relevant keywords begins after that. It is incredibly crucial for you to identify the most fruitful keywords depending and matching your business is one of the most ideal things you must take into consideration seriously.

In order to participate in the auctions like this, you must use an account on the advertising platforms. For instance, if you are willing to advertise your products and services on Google, then you must register on Google’s ads account in order to participate in the bidding process.

You need to note that Google Adwords campaign is further differentiated into 2 parts that are ad groups, and keywords.

Keywords In Google Adwords

Keywords play an important role in Google Adwords campaigns. They basically play a part of a connector between search queries and with the advertisers. The first and foremost element for keywords is the queries. Questions are nothing but the words used by the people in order to search on the search engines. While keywords, on the other hand, are technically and strategically used by marketers in order to target their users or probable customer base.

Keywords are basically the abstractions of the general search queries which usually have grammatical errors or misspells.

 In order to practically and efficiently target your keywords, it is essential to hire an experienced PPC agency for PPC services. However, you can also consider reading my other article where I have mentioned all the essential factors that you must keep in mind in order to hire the PPC agency.

Ad Groups in Google Adwords

In addition to keywords, ad groups also play a vital role in strategically designing your Google Adwords campaign most effectively and efficiently. Ad groups are nothing but just an organized form of ads with similar sets of keywords and common themes.

Basically, the ads are what the end viewer will see whenever he or she searches for a query in order to get the most of it. Typically an ad comprises 3 crucial elements.

  • URL
  • Heading
  • Description

On Search Engine Results, the ads usually show up either at the top of the page or at the extreme bottom. In order to get the best results, It is highly recommended to form different ad copies with various permutations and combinations. This way, you will be able to identify which ad group is most accurate.

Search engine ads usually come up with several sets of ad extensions that can also be called as Call to Actions in order to get your targeted audience to reach out to you. There are quite a few popularly used extensions for your ad groups.

  • One of them is a location extension. It is popularly used if you have a physical outlet and you wish customers to visit your store. It is useful in local SEO. With the help of this extension, you can choose to mention your complete address and operational hours so that it becomes straightforward for your visitors to see.
  • Call extensions are one of the most prominent ones if you want your customers to reach out to you over a phone. This extension helps you mention the phone number on your ads. So whenever, someone clicks on your ad, he or she will be redirected towards your dial pad asking you to continue the call or not.
  • Sitelink extensions are basically the extension which redirects you to a landing page. This landing page should be exactly as per the requirements of your clients. Your landing page must be easily navigated and understandable.
  • The callout extension allows you to add CTA’s like hurry up, or offer lasts till stock lasts kinds of words in order to create a sense of urgency amongst the viewers of your ad.
  • Lastly but not last, but you can also add price extensions as well in your PPC ads. This helps you to mention the price range of your products in the ads so that the customer or targeted audience knows what the starting price range of your products and services is.



Pay-per-click is one of the most important elements or ways in order to market your products and services on several search engine marketing platforms. In this article, I have tried to mention each and everything about PPC management that you need to know.


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