Digital Marketing Services Devon

ETT Digital Provide a huge range of Digital marketing services In Torquay, Devon. Whether you are looking for PPC, SEO, Social Media or Content Marketing, ETT Digital has you covered. We offer a free consultation to all new clients looking for business growth. So, stay local and you will go far.


What’s The Process From Start To Finish

First of all, we will offer you a free consultation. Were one of our all-around front-line marketers will give you a call or pop in to see you locally. They will talk to you about business goals and your budget. Once we have a budget in place, we can start optimizing your campaign.

Once we have a strategy in place for what your business needs. The work will be given to an expert in that field within our agency. So, if you need PPC management, a PPC expert will do the work. You will be in the loop all the time, with weekly-monthly reports being sent to you. We also make courtesy phone calls frequently. We do this to make sure you’re happy with our marketing services and to run new ideas by you. We also pop in regularly to review your campaign and to see if you need any additional marketing services from us.

How Will Our Digital Marketing Services Save You Money

It takes a long time to learn how to do Digital marketing. ETT offer many services, with each expert allocated to a specific niche, for example, PPC (Pay Per Click) management. As you know as a business owner, time is money. If you leave Digital marketing to the experts, we will get you more bang for your buck while saving you a lot of time. Our content strategy will gain you over 200% more engagement than average posts.

We save our clients’ money by promoting their content to the right audience. We use laser targeting techniques to make sure the right people see what you have to offer. When it comes to PPC and SEO (Search engine optimization), that’s a whole different ballgame. We save you money by carefully optimising your website. So, when your audience looks for the services you offer, you appear at the very top. Looking for 5-Star Digital marketing services? Fill In the consultation form, or give us a call on 01803 500520.


What Our Digital Marketing Services Can Offer You

Our agency will devise a unique content strategy. If it’s social media marketing you want, we will create high-quality content that relates to your niche. We will promote that content to the right audience, resulting in more website clicks, calls, and sales for your business. If you’re looking for PPC Management.

ETT will make a custom planned marketing campaign, so you pay the right price for website traffic. After all, the price is important when it comes to business right? Our PCC services can do just that, we will reduce the amount it costs per click while gaining you more traffic to your site. SEO is similar to PPC, but it has an organic effect. What SEO does it allow you to rank naturally on google, without having to spend per click to your website. We recommend SEO for nearly every single niche out there. We see many business types grow with just SEO alone. The local search is getting more stronger by the day, so if you’re not on there, you can bet your competitors are.