Hi I’m Eddy the Teddy and this is my story

I am originally from Hayes in east London. I came down to Torquay when I was 8 years old. I have loved Living in Torquay and it always is my home. When I finished school, I became painter and decorator. I did that for many years and loved it. Unfortunately, a time came in my life, where I wanted to make a name for myself and support the family. I have recently started up a marketing company called ETT Digital, which I am the CEO of.

I now use the social media to advertise for business. But I also have another passion, which is making people smile. I use the social media also, to post photos of my daily activities to show the world what Eddy the Teddy gets up to. I love interacting with people and putting a smile on everybody’s face. I have just over 25,000 followers and growing by the day. I love all my fans and I’m happy they can be a part of my journey.

Well I guess that’s for now, I’m Eddy the Teddy, your public figure.