Facebook Advertising services

Facebook is no doubt the biggest social media marketing platform in the world. If you’re not on it, you can sure bet your competitors are. As an agency offering Facebook advertising services, we strive on bringing perfection to your marketing strategy. Every business now uses the social media. It’s now up to us professional marketers, to make you stand out above everybody else.

What Does Facebook Advertising Services Offer You?

We create killer content. Content marketing has been around for some time now. Old school marketing methods just don’t work anymore. They are simple and the people just don’t respond to it anymore. As the competition gets stronger, we must adapt and become Facebook advertising gurus. 

Our Facebook Advertising Services

SMO (Social media optimization
Content marketing strategy
Post optimization
Facebook Ads
Power editor service
Laser Facebook Ad targeting
Brand awareness
Facebook competitions
Live video marketing
Video marketing
Page like increase
Brand matching
Facebook advertising services

What are the costs of our Facebook advertising services? 

We create the content and maintenance around your budget. We charge a small fee per month to promote and maintain your sponsored posts. The content charges can vary from business to business. All in all, the bigger the budget, the more you will get.

How Our Facebook Advertising Services Will Save You Money

We make Facebook campaigns successful on a consistent basis. Using the Facebook ads for the first time will seem scary. Somebody new to Facebook can easily make a small mistake and things can turn ugly. A true Facebook marketer doesn’t make mistakes, we only create results. Creating high-quality content to post on Facebook can take a lot of time. After all, time is money, right? By leaving it to a professional, you will have the time to do what you do best. Our Facebook advertising services will take you by the hand and show you our step by step process.

We will create high engaged quality content that relates to your target audience.  We into an in-depth process in content and sponsored posts. We narrow down the audience and do laser targeting on your sponsored posts. This results in In a lower CPC (Cost per click) And the lower cost per reach.

How Our Facebook Advertising Services will Plan Your Marketing Strategy

First of all, we will run a Facebook audit to see your strengths and weaknesses. Then we will run an in-depth analysis of your competitors and come up with a unique Facebook marketing strategy. After that, we will start creating content and publishing it on a scheduled timer per day. Of course, each Facebook account performs differently at different times of the day. So, we will pinpoint schedule your posts to when your audience is most likely to engage. Once posts are published, some posts perform extremely well. We inject your capital into the posts that are performing the best.

We will use advanced techniques of ad targeting. This makes sure you get the most bang for your buck. So, If you’re looking for Facebook advertising services, leave it to use to plan your campaign. Drop us a line, or give us a call on 01803 500520 and we can have a Facebook advertising specialist give you a free consultation.