How Technology Has Changed the Online Poker Industry

The rise in different kinds of technology has been one of the biggest changes in how we live our lives. Even as pandemic restrictions eased and people were able to return to in-person shopping, US shoppers spent more than $214 billion online in the third quarter of 2021. Not only are more people doing the bulk of their shopping online, but many have also enlisted the help of apps and other programs to help them do things as mundane as their grocery shopping. Technology has transformed the shopping experience.

Technology has not just changed our shopping habits. We are spending more of our leisure time online than ever before, particularly when it comes to online gaming. This includes games like online poker, which has seen a big resurgence in popularity in part thanks to the pandemic’s effect on casinos and poker halls across the country. But it isn’t just the online nature of how people are playing poker that has been impacted by technology.

The increased availability of many technologies is changing the world of online poker in new and surprising ways. Here are a few ways that the game is being affected by growing tech.

In-Game Alerts

Despite being such a well-known and simple game, there is a lot going on in every hand of poker. From betting procedures and orders to picking up on other players’ behavior, players need all the help they can get to stay on top of things. Many sites offer in-game alerts for players to use to help them keep track of everything. For example, the skill of calculating poker odds used to be something only professionals could master, but thanks to online technology, anyone can have that information in a heartbeat. The use of a Heads-Up Display, otherwise known as a HUD, means even amateurs can be presented with in-depth information about the pot, their opponent, and their chances of winning a hand. Now anyone can play like a professional thanks to this technology.


As the internet has gotten bigger, so has the need to keep your information safe. Thanks to advances in online security protocols, including SET protocols which are designed with securing credit card information in mind, have made it safer than ever to take part in online poker. Many sites also have separate wallets for deposits and winnings as an extra layer of protection for players when they are making transactions. Most companies will have all this information on their website for potential players to inspect. If not, they might be a good one to avoid.


The rise of blockchain technologies has been one of the biggest tech stories of the past few years. These innovations tie into the need for security on these sites, but they also help give an increase in freedom to how players pay their deposits and are paid their winnings. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin give players more options in how they want to play, while other blockchain technologies make the game safer for everyone involved. Online poker chips can be recorded on the block, meaning that each one has a specific identity. This can help venues track who is winning and even if there is any cheating going on. If the same two players are essentially passing the same “chip” back and forth at the table then it could be a sign that they are working together or could even be the same person using aliases.

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