Eddy’s Local Promotional Services

Eddy the Teddy is a growing public figure and the CEO of ETT Digital. He was made originally to be our company mascot at ETT Digital. The idea was to use him to bring personality and the fun factor to our company.

Eddy the Teddy has become so much more than just a mascot. He has taken off on the social media massively over the past few months and continues to grow. We don’t look at the Eddy as a mascot anymore, he is the most vital part of our business.

In just a few months, Eddy has grown his local social media following from 0 to over 25,000. Eddy regularly pops in businesses and helps them gain exposure through social media marketing. Are you a business in Torbay looking for local promotional services? Eddy is your golden ticket.

What do you get for just £50?

Eddy the Teddy
4 high quality photos with Eddy the Teddy
All 4 posted across 25,000 local followers
Posts scheduled weekly for maximum exposure
An average of 45,000 local reach per post
Average of 300 likes and 80 comments per post
Posted on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

What do you get for £300

Funny but professional promotional video
Fully scratch designed custom script
Fully edited for the social media channels
Posted across Eddy’s 25,000 social media following
Over 125,000 local reach per video

What do you get for £150?

Eddy the teddy events
Live video on Eddy’s Facebook
Promotional photos
100,000 Facebook reach
Pre-event marketing
Custom printout promotion
Promoted across 25,000 followers
Live video with 30,000 reach
4 posts, each with 25,000 Reach
Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
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