Making the Right Choice with Regard to Storage Software

When it comes to running a business successfully, one needs to put in necessary time and effort to find the best storage services that facilitates storing important data and files in a safe and secure manner. There is plenty of software out there but only about a few of them provides for best and professional support in this regard. Mltek is a well-regarded and popular software solutions provider that brings with it several years of experience and expertise in this space. There is no dearth for technologies out there but one should know to choose a reputed brand that offers for all kinds of support and assistance at various levels.

The best tool called ArchiverFS

ArchiverFS is the best storage software that provides one with the ability to store the files in a safe and secure manner. Mltek comes across as a leader in developing latest software and easy for businesses to stay well organized. The storage software does not take away needless space in the disk and comes across as software based archiving solution for window file servers.

ArchiverFS helps facilitate second tier storage space that helps store anything from a huge file to multiple files in a structured and organized manner. It needs to be understood that many software presently available in the market be short of many important features and it just helps with storing the files in the database but ArchiverFS is provides for many helpful features. It helps with reporting, using seamless stubs in the place of the old files that are now migrated to the platform and compress the files that have been processed.

More benefits and features in the latest version

The latest version of ArchiverFS now offers for even better support features which includes for non-Windows storage by giving users the capability to disable the persistence of file level NTFS audit settings when files are archived. The ability to persist these entries is reliant on the ‘Manage Audit Log Entries’ (‘SeSecurity’) where user right is granted to the account being used to do the archiving, which is sometimes tremendously difficult on non-Windows storage arrays like EMC VNX arrays. The latest version includes this new feature along with several other improvements and is greatly recommended upgrade for all customers irrespective of the storage being used.

Best in this field

Old files that have been put aside for years together become absolutely difficult to manage and at such times one should opt for the right kind of management system. Though there are plenty of products and tools advertised in this space only about a few of them offers for best output in this regard. This is exactly why one should first check through the options available before them and then go on to make a decision.

ArchiverFS works at the file system level and it gives you a structured way to migrate all of you old and unused files to second tier storage and that happens without the need to store files, pointers to files or even file metadata in a database. There are a whole lot of interesting features that it offers which includes the seamless stubs that can be left in place of old files once they have been migrated, reporting, lot of choices to control how files are migrated like file age, size, type and the capability to compress files once they have been migrated. Along with this it also offers for huge scalability including DFS and de-duplication.

Wide Range of features to go for

The most attractive aspect about the software is that it provides for wide range of features for all kinds of businesses, be it small, medium or that of large sized businesses. This is the main reason as to why many people are going for this software more and more. There are no hard or fast rules as far as storage is concerned. It is essential to store the most important and less important files separately making it easy to access as per one’s ease. It facilitates transfer of files from one UNC path to any other UNC path and makes it possible to store in extra SAN and NAS space. It provides for the migration of old files from one place to another place with no trouble and also enables one to leave behind stubs so that it is likely to access the files when required.

Proper line of storage

The software facilitates to store files in a proper hierarchy and thus, it becomes a lot easier at the time of requirement. It provides for three tier storage facility – Live, Archived, and Graveyard. You can store the most important files in the first tier which could include your business files and make use of the second tier to store less important files. One can very well free up huge amount of space in your expensive first tier storage area and hence comes across as a cost effective option. At times of emergency, one can start with retrieving the files in the first tier space as they are all greatly significant ones and then move onto the next. If the files are not categorized then it becomes difficult to get what you want at the times of urgent need. The technology is certainly a huge boon for one and all who want to make the best out of sorting and organizing files and data the best way.

Direct access to the files

Though the software comes with a lot of interesting features, the capability to access files directly from where you are which comes across as the best option. One just needs to click on the link and you will be directed from your workstation in just few minutes. There is no need to wait long to get access to the files as there are no third parties involved. The information as to where these files are and where they are migrated are also given so that you can get to know about them whenever you wanted. In case of any issues, there is no need to fret or worry about getting your most important files as it is in hierarchy which makes it easier to retrieve.

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