PPC Agency Devon

So most likely you landed on this page by searching PPC Agency Devon or PPC Devon or Devon PPC Agency or something similar. Why? Because you’re looking for a PPC agency in Devon. At ETT Digital that’s what we can do for your business. The way you found us, is the way we can make you be found using Google AdWords.

Why Is Using Our Devon Based PPC Agency important?

AdWords is the holy grail of search engine advertising. Traditional organic SEO can take time to rank organically on the top spot of Google. Our AdWords PPC Agency in Devon allows us to take a shortcut to getting you fast results for your business. Google AdWords does not just gain your website traffic, but also awareness. Every time somebody is looking for the services you provide, you are there. If you don’t get them the first time, you sure will the next.

How Does Our PPC Agency Work?

PPC Advertising works with social, display and search adverts on a PPC (Pay per click basis). Also known as CPC (Cost per click). Your advert campaign is setup and monitored carefully. Either by yourself or with us to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. Your advert is displayed either socially across the best-chosen platform or Google search and display. After that you select your keywords, daily spend and the max PPC cost and you’re good to go.

PPC Agency Devon

How will our PPC agency in Devon save you money?

Well for many people looking to start out doing PCC advertising, it can be very expensive and not to mention dangerous. That’s right, dangerous. But how? Many newcomers to PPC management and advertising will often make the mistake of overpriced clicks and an incorrect Dailey budget. Businesses have gone flat broke in 24 hours from simply pressing the wrong buttons. So how so make sure you get the best PPC Services? Whether you choose us or another professional service, PPC experts are here to save you money.

Our experience in choosing the right targeting settings, keyword selection, and consistent campaign adjustments will save you time, money and aggravation. Us at ETT Digital are here to make sure you grow your business. We have a saying in the office for PPC management. “Why spend more when you can save more”. Use us and leave it to one of our PCC experts to make sure your PPC campaign is a success.


Social PPC Agency Devon

What is Social PPC management? Well, technically speaking, Social PPC adverts are placed on a social media platform. They are charged in the form of CPC or by CPM basis. When using PPC adverts on the social media they are normally monitored by either CTC (Click through rate) and CPC (Cost per click). There are other forms of measurements such as reach and conversions. Ok, so enough of the technicalities.

How will our Social PPC management services help you? Well, whether you have just started out or looked for that extra business growth we are here to make it happen. Instead of paying a huge amount per click we keep it minimalized, saving you money and generating results at a very affordable rate. We are by far the pick of the bunch when choosing your PPC agency in Devon.

Display & Search PPC Agency Devon

What are PPC Search and display ads? Search only ads are ones that are found through direct searches on google only. They are set up on Google AdWords and monitored to get that direct traffic to your business. They are super useful for business types with very specific services such as a niche company, chiropractor, fitness instructors, a local hairdresser and much more.

When making a PPC campaign, Search only ads are the most commonly used to gain that growth. Ok, so now we’ve got that covered. What are PPC display ads? Display ads are shown on Google partner sites to encourage website traffic. It does not use direct search criteria, but more of an interest-based targeting to bring in people to use your services. The cost is generally half the amount per click and gains a good level of brand awareness. So, if you are looking for the best PCC Agency in Devon. Let us take control of your PPC campaign and grow your business.