So, you’re looking to create your own small business website in Torquay, Devon? That’s good to hear. Here is 5 tips guide on how to create your own small business website today.

5 Tips On Creating Your Own Small Business Website In Torquay, Devon

Use WordPress Web Design


Why WordPress? Because of its SEO factors and simple to use structure, it has in place. WordPress allows for easy to use plugins. These plugins make it super simple for you to run your own business from a small business website.

Not to mention it’s theme layouts. Although I wouldn’t recommend using a basic WordPress theme, simply because of all the indexing errors they have self-built inside.

These errors stop the google crawlers from reading your site, which in turn, stops your site from being found. We generally build websites using a simple to use drag and drop builder called themify builder.

A front-end builder allows you to see what you are designing, rather than using a bunch of code, which can be confusing. So super simple, use a front-end builder and get your site on the way.

Watch Web Design Videos


Videos: I mean, reading a bunch of stuff on Google when looking to build your small business website can be confusing right? Videos make it so easy to understand. There are so many steps by step guides on YouTube that will help you. Do you need to be an expert in CSS and HTML to build a website? No.

You simply need to understand the basics of how SEO titles work and a good eye for design. Most online tutorials will even show you, how to crop photos and SEO optimise your website. Making your own website will save you a ton of money in the long run.

Small business owners are forever wanting to update their website, but lack the knowledge to do so. If you can create your own, you can maintain it yourself, thus saving you money.

Market Research For Your Website


Before creating your website in Torquay, Devon. See what your competitors are doing. Check out their website design, see what you like and dislike.

You can get a great feel to see what you want your website to look like. I don’t recommend copying, but I do recommend taking bits of what you like the most from each website and transform your small business website to be the best locally.

Website Keyword Research


Ok, this might seem a bit confusing, but it’s super simple to do. We recommend using a tool that’s free, called google keyword planner. Google keyword planner will allow seeing how much your services are being searched locally.

So, when creating your website in Torquay, Devon, you can now optimise the website around those words and gain more traffic to your business. I mean the idea of a website is also to gain traffic through Google, right?

Build A Simple Small Business Website


Don’t go overboard when creating your website. As a newbie, there will be some web developer stuff you just can’t-do. Keep patient and stay focused. The key is to understand how IT literate you are and act accordingly.

Things like hooking up emails may take another video or a phone call to a friend. But don’t worry, there is plenty of information out there. Of course, if you get super stuck give one of our Web designers in Torquay a shout and we will charge you a small fee to help you out.