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Social Media Marketing Agency Devon

So, you’re looking for a social media marketing agency in Torquay, Devon? Well, you have landed on the right page. Social media has become ever so powerful. The statistics grow day by day. If you’re not on the social media, you need to be. Did you know 45-75% of customers, leads and sales come through the social media? That’s right, it’s a gold mine. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have been crushing the digital world for a long time now. Although Instagram is relativity new, it’s considered one of the power houses in social media marketing.

*5-Star Social Media Marketing Agency in Devon*

We are highly skilled in all aspects of social media marketing. Social media marketing is not just a job, it’s a form of art. We become your business. We mold ourselves to fit your customer’s needs. We create high-quality content relating to your audience. We do in-depth market research into you’re your promotional campaign. When it comes to social media management, it has to be done right, with passion and with results. ETT Digital will give you those results and the confidence to use the social media forever.

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Our Social Media Marketing Services

  • SMO (Social media optimization)
  • Instagram advertising
  • Facebook advertising
  • Twitter advertising
  • Twitter Ads campaigns
  • Facebook Ad campaigns
  • Instagram Ad campaigns
  • Fully optimized posts
social media agency
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Highly engaging content
  • Brand awareness
  • Local awareness
  • Brand matching
  • Increase in followers
  • Premium tools included
  • Full banner design

Why Use A Social Media Marketing Agency

The thought of using a social media agency can be troubling. A couple of thoughts that go through your mind are. “Will they do the job?” “Is it worth the investment?”. Our advice at ETT Digital is to use a local social media marketing agency you trust. One that’s been reviewed and with a solid online reputation and presence. Social media can take a long time to grow, gaining page likes and followers can be a hard task. Social media marketing agencies have expert experience and knowledge in this. Agencies will bring in the leads, customers, and sales. Allowing you to do, what you do best. 

The Benefits Of Social Media Marketing Agency

The biggest benefit to using a social media marketing service is, saving time. Can you do your own Management? Of course, anybody can do it, with the right mindset and training. But do you want to spend endless hours, wondering how to create content that relates to your audience? Not at all, At ETT Digital, we have a saying. “We do our job, so you don’t have to”. The other benefit is saving money. Let’s face it, boosting posts on Facebook can be expensive, right? Well, with our advance knowledge in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook ads. We’re able to create the perfect campaign. Resulting in a higher engagement rate, which in turn, costs you less to promote.


Why Choose Our Social media Agency

What makes us the best Social media marketing agency Devon has to offer? We are consistent and we put our clients first above anything else. The great thing about social media marketing is that, when you call, we can put our workload on hold. This way, we can assist you with anything you need, while still getting results for all our clients. Are you looking for social media marketing In Devon? Look no further. At ETT Digital it’s what we specialize in. We don’t count down the hours. We make the most of every minute to build your business.