What Privnote does do to keep chats confidential?

The privacy of online users is a major concern today. People are concerned about keeping their online conversations private and secure as data breaches and unauthorized access are becoming more common. Privnote is a web application that allows users to exchange confidential messages that self-destruct after being read.

Privnote is a free online service that provides disposable notes that users share privately. It allows people to send text, photos, audio, links, and files that vanish after being read. The recipient views the note once, then disappears from Privnote’s server. Users don’t need to create an account to use Privnote. The platform runs entirely on donations.

The Privnote website provides a text box where you can type or paste a message. Drag and drop files into the box to attach them. After that, click “Create Note”. Your note is assigned a unique URL. You can send this URL via email, messaging apps, social media, etc. When they click the link, it opens the Privnote which displays your message or file attachment. The note is automatically deleted from Privnote’s servers after the recipient reads it.

The note page displays a countdown timer showing how long until the note self-destructs. The default is 36 hours, but you customize the expiration time from 1 minute up to 7 days. You also password-protect notes or disable forwarding to prevent recipients from copying or sharing the information. Privnote deletes notes viewing logs after 48 hours. So even Privnote itself doesn’t maintain records of who read or received notes. It prevents both external hackers and Privnote itself from accessing note information. Check out if you want more information.

  • Notes self-destruct so messages don’t stick around indefinitely. It gives more control over private information.
  • Users don’t have to create accounts or give up any personal info. Just visit the site and start sending secure notes.
  • Notes are encrypted before they leave the sender’s device. Only the intended recipient decrypt and read them.
  • Privnote immediately deletes notes after viewing and clears logs after 48 hours. No histories are maintained.
  • Senders set notes to expire from 1 minute up to 7 days. The default is 36 hours.
  • Optional passwords prevent unauthorized access and provide an extra layer of security.
  • Stops recipients from copying or redistributing your confidential messages.
  • Privnote doesn’t require any complex setup or technical know-how. Just compose a note and share the link.
  • Privnote is free to use and funded by donations to keep it simple and accessible. Fees and tiers are not charged.

There are many practical uses for Privnote’s private disposable messages across different communication scenarios:

  • Sharing passwords, logins, or sensitive info with one person confidentially. Then it automatically deletes.
  • Sending private feedback, criticisms, or sensitive HR issues in the workplace.
  • Having discreet conversations about health, legal, or financial topics.
  • Professors use it to send answer keys to students that disappear after finals.
  • Intimate or romantic conversations for couples wanting privacy.
  • Companies that provide clients with temporary screen-sharing links, access codes, coupons, etc.
  • Content creators providing reviewers early access to unpublished drafts or demos.
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