What Sets UAG Cases Apart from Standard Types?

When you look at the different high-end smartphones available, you may have noticed that their screens are getting bigger, and the phones themselves are getting thinner. When it comes to sheer performance, there’s very little that differentiates one smartphone from another. Sadly, unlike earlier phones, these smartphones aren’t practically indestructible. 

An unprotected phone hitting the street or a hard floor will be lucky to come away with just a few scratches, perhaps an indented corner. More often than not, though, the phone won’t work as it used to, or it may be practically unusable and thus would need a costly repair. This is why a smartphone case is so important. UAG cases, in particular, are a great option for protecting your phone. Here’s what sets them apart from standard types of cases. 

They’re Drop-Tested Multiple Times

Urban Armor Gear or UAG puts each case through an unforgiving series of drop tests, ensuring that each one is up to military standards. Typically, the case is placed on the test phone, which is then dropped from a height of 48 inches onto the front, back, each side, and each corner. 

Afterward, to prove that the test phone sustained no damage to either touchscreen or the body, it has to work properly. Each UAG case works as advertised in real-world situations, too, not just during the drop-testing phase, which is a relief for those who’ve dropped a phone one too many times.

The Corners Have Extra Protection

You may be surprised to know that when you drop a phone, chances are one of the corners will suffer from most of the impact compared to any other part of the phone. UAG has done its research when it comes to this, and that’s why their cases feature extra “armour” on the corners. This means better protection for those areas in the event you fumble and drop your precious gadget.

They Come with Invisible Screen Protection

Each UAG case comes with a screen protector that’s been carefully designed and engineered to fit precisely to your phone’s display as well as eliminate any distortion. Because these screen protectors are so light and fit so well, they’re practically invisible. In fact, after some time, you may not even notice them.

They’re Incredibly Light

Phone manufacturers have gone through a lot of trial and error to engineer phones that are as light as possible without compromising how well they function. UAG has taken this into account to ensure that their cases, too, are as light as can be. Their patented “Composite” design, for example, has a soft, impact-resistant inside encased by a tough outer shell, making for a case that won’t add much weight to your smartphone. 

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