Advantages Of Making Interactive Presentations

Presentations can usually end up being a bit linear and monotonous, if they are not designed with visual content adequate and if the presenter does not have enough agility and empathy to communicate and maintain the rhythm of the speech.

There must be a balance between the ppt design [desain ppt, which is the term in Indonesia] and the way the presenter interacts with each slide. The world of presentations is becoming increasingly sophisticated. It offers more and more support resources or for a presentation to generate the hook necessary to meet the objectives of the presenter.

We recommend the option of interactive presentations

  • They allow you to use a great possibility of resourcesof high audiovisual impact: images, gifs, audios, and videos that keep the animation of the presentation and generate sensations in the viewer
  • They generate motivationand expectations in the target audience, attracting attention until the end
  • They enhance the performanceof the presenter, give them greater mobility, and allow them to create the ideal environment to highlight ideas and concepts with the different audiovisual resources
  • They give the presenter facilities to generate surprise factor,which is key to connect with the audience and break possible linear spaces within the presentation
  • Allows the presenter positionin a more effective way the content of the presentation and recording in the mind of the beholder concepts and ideas through audiovisual resources
  • It generates a professional imagein the presenter, enhancing your brand

It is important to keep in mind that in the presentations there is a very thin line between success and failure, and that for a presentation to have a hook and be remembered in the long term, it is necessary to use the maximum resources that allow creating a space for action entertaining and make it easier for the presenter to meet his communication goals.

There are many tools to develop interactive presentations, but only a platform that allows you to make a video presentation where the presenter is integrated and can interact with each slide, obtaining as a final result a high definition video to disseminate in the different digital media.

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