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Dedicated servers and their types

Dedicated servers help organizations in having the whole private space to themselves. This private space can be used in any manner needed. The decision of usage depends on the organization. Another thing that depends on the organization is the management of servers. There are two categories of servers based wmq on the management factor.

When it comes to dedicated servers we are aware of the efforts resources and time that is required to manage them. Some organizations prefer to manage these servers and some don’t. Mainly the small organizations feel the need to have their servers managed by companies like WeHaveServers.com because they themselves lack resources.

Managed dedicated hosting –

In this type of dedicated hosting, your hosting service provider takes of everything related to the server. Things like hardware, OS, networking, scalability, maintenance, etc. all are managed by the service provider. They also take care of the security of your server and the data. This type of hosting is a bit expensive but is worth it.

This type of hosting is mainly used by those organizations that are small in size and don’t have enough resources to set up their own private server. The small organizations also lack resources in terms of technical staff that can be used to take care of these private servers.

All the client needs to manage is the installation of third-party applications and handle the coding.

Unmanaged dedicated hosting –

This hosting is the exact opposite of the type explained above. In this, the service provider will only take care of the hardware of the private server and its maintenance. It will not handle any other software and security matters. All other things have to be taken care of by the third-party organization.

This type of hosting is mainly used by organizations that have a big staff and huge resources.

Although what we would recommend is that even large organizations use the managed dedicated hosting because the automation of this activity will help the organization to use their resources in their main function. We have already witnessed in the past year why it is important to have automation in your business activities.

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