Find emails: three easy ways to find the right emails for online marketing

The simplest solutions aren’t always bad or incorrect. In fact, simple actions to find emails can be successful and effective. And all it takes is a few clicks. A detailed analysis of simple and free options for email address search services and services is presented in a detailed report by experts at Reply. They analyze how an email address search with the help of simple “how to’s” can be transformed from name matching to a fairly accurate and efficient find emails procedure. We will describe additional options in other services that were not included in this detailed review.

Facebook to the rescue!

This is impossible. Who of the managers or companies will leave emails on the page. If they are only interested in personal relationships with partners? But in fact, it is very simple – find posts on Facebook with the text “If you are interested in our offer, write to the head of the department at”. Such posts usually also mention the name of specific employees with a link to their Facebook profiles.

Email Extractor: all very simple and free

Another search option is free apps or extensions, such as Email Extractor. The extension automatically searches for email addresses for Chrome. If the search is successful, you can copy and paste the found addresses into a text document or switch to an email service right away. This extension can:

  • convert the data to a text file;
  • convert into a tabular CSV file;
  • perform additional searches.

In most extensions of this type, there is an additional search tool. It finds all email addresses for a particular domain name. Example: If you want to find out the emails of the employees of a notional company “Email Hunter”, running the domain finder will catch all the real addresses ending in or

HARO: just ask a question

A free service that allows you to get answers from experts in a particular industry to questions that interest your target audience – a super useful service for internet marketing as well. For example, other search methods didn’t work. Now it’s turned to interact with HARO – Help a Reporter Out. Finding out the email addresses of companies that are active and ready to develop is easy enough – ask a question on HARO, and all the addresses will just come to the registered email address. That doesn’t mean the company you’re looking for will necessarily be on that list. But the chances are great. As well as the opportunity to expand the list of potential business partners.

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