Guide To Shock Absorbing Casters Latest Technology

Attempting to move rolling equipment across uneven terrain can be a frustrating experience. Shock absorbing casters can help make this task easier by reducing the vibration transferred to the truck, cart or rack being moved.


There are many situations where you can benefit from using dual wheel shock absorbing casters. If you are using diagnostic and electrical equipment, medical equipment and carts, mobile workstations, laboratory equipment, point of purchase displays and shelving, food processing equipment, assembly line dollies and other types of equipment where items being transported could be damaged or lost by being bounced during transport, shock-absorbing casters may be a good choice.

Benefits of Shock Absorbing Casters

The main benefit of shock absorbing casters is that they protect the items being transported by reducing the vibration that is transferred to the contents of the cart. These casters can also reduce noise by making rides over rough terrain smoother. Carts with these casters are less likely to become overloaded because the shock absorption equalizes the load. These casters make it easier to push carts and dollies over uneven surfaces. The casters can also lower the chances of damaging your floors.

How To Choose Casters

You need to choose the right casters for the job you plan to do. Overly stiff springs may increase noise and vibration. However, if the springs are not firm enough, there may not be any shock absorption. You can help ensure the proper level of spring firmness by choosing casters with adequate weight capacity for your application. You should also consider how the springs are mounted. Springs can be mounted inside, outside or vertically. Vertical mounts are better for equally weighted casters. However, if the load varies, inside-mounted springs can be a better choice.

Choosing the correct shock absorbing casters for your job can have multiple benefits. Be sure to consider the usage and weight capacity when making your selection.

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