How to Quickly Generate Traffic to A New Website

In starting up your online business, it is not building up a website that’s actually challenging, but rather how you can quickly generate lots of traffic to it. As a marketer or an online entrepreneur, you need to understand the importance of driving highly-targeted traffic (not just any traffic) to your website and how to make that happen.              

In this article, we’ll discuss four up-to-date and relevant methods that you can use immediately. Let’s dive in!  

What are the best ways to generate traffic to a new website quickly? 


  • Advertising


There are different kinds of paid advertising strategies that can boost your website traffic quite fast. One basic example of this is Google Search Advertising.    

With Google Advertising, you are paying for your website or landing page to be included in the top results when users search for relevant queries or specific keywords related to your niche or the products/services you’re offering. This gives your website the opportunity to be frequently visited by highly-targeted potential customers.     

Here’s a tip: you might want to use display ad banners to make your advertisement more attention-grabbing. Display ad banners are image-based online marketing forms that are proven to be more effective than text-based ones.      

Conversely, you can also increase your chances to be on the top results on Google without having to avail paid ads by creating quality SEO content.   


  • Social Media


Nowadays, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram are more than just social media sites, but they are utilized as online marketing platforms. Promoting your website by posting relevant and engaging content and advertising it via paid ads (as also seen on platforms such as, OutBrain, 7search, and others) like on Facebook Ads, for example, can get you website traffic quite quickly.                       

Since social media platforms are often visited through phones, make sure to create a mobile-optimized (i.e., responsive) website.   


  • Online Directories and Review Sites


Getting listed on online directories and review sites is another solid way to promote your website that, in some cases, will not cost you that much (or won’t cost you at all). Some review sites would just ask you to backlink their website to yours in exchange for getting listed in theirs. Through this, both of you can benefit and will equally have higher chances of generating traffic to your respective websites.

One of the most used online directories is Google My Business, which is free of charge. You could also have your website listed on Yelp, Foursquare, Bing Local, etc.   


  • Shareable Content


Aside from optimizing your content for SEO (search engine optimization), creating a killer high-quality content can also help you generate traffic to your website. By creating relatable and engaging content relevant to your niche and products/services, not only will you be able to drive targetted visitors to your website, but you could also make them share your posts and reach a broader range of potential customers.              

The content could be in the form of text, images, videos, podcasts, or whichever, according to your analytics, is best suited and the most engaging.              


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