Linnworks Network Printer Margins Error

Linnworks can be a CRM   stock management system employed by “multi funnel” eCoommerce retailers to follow sales and order flow through the type of Amazon . com . com, eBay and BigCommerce/Shopify.

Even though the machine is extremely popular, and contains lifetime support, one concern is it doesn’t have the most effective documentation concerning how to correctly setup its label printing facility.

I used to be recently requested to correct a problem having a business whose label printers were not assigning the best margins to lately printed labels.

I presumed a problem with Linnworks – but really was an issue while using OS.

The Ins And Outs

Linnworks – like other third party software – transmits print jobs by home windows, Mac or Linux – which forwards the job towards the appropriate printer.

The reason here’s that Linnworks itself does almost no while using printer this will depend around the 3rd-party motorists provided through the printer manufacturer to keep the label printers running on whichever system they’re used on.

Meaning when you’re searching at difficulties with the printers, if Linnworks is delivering the roles okay – it’ll matter using the strategies by which each printer is defined round the local system this is actually the problem.

Inside the situation in the recent job I did so – and this is what happened.

Label Printers Are Standardized

Used to do formerly think that label printers were a really specialized device, requiring special motorists/software to function.

A Few Things I quickly recognized might be the printers themselves were really just standardized tools – frequently being provided totally free by couriers.

This led to for anyone who is printing labels on either system, you’d need to really had the printer setup correctly round the system that they’re associated with.

Inside the situation in the issue my client was facing – the computers which have been while using the printers was lacking their margins setup correctly.

Linnworks Just Transmits Print Jobs (Doesn’t Connect Right To Printers)

To explain, here’s the rundown from the products happened:

Linnworks would print for the various label printers installed

Regrettably, printing from certain computers (there has been 5 inside the network) will make the margins to obtain weird

I seen Linnworks and could not find anything concerning the way the printers were setup (the traditional label templates were not the issue)

I started to look at Windows’ printer settings

The invention I made was that every “label” printer uses standard label sizes – 4×4″ or 6×4″.

This insight allowed me to consider the strategies by the printers were setup on every networked system the business had.

Apparently , the systems while using the printers all needed to specify the label size inside each printer.

As pointed out above, they were all 4″ wide some were 6″ tall.

By correctly stipulating the sizes in the print-stock inside the various printers, it allowed each computer to deliver correct print jobs (using the proper margins) to each printer.

Change Printer Preferences

To affect this fix, you need to connect with the “Printer Preferences” inside Home home windows.

This is achieved while using following:

Home Based home windows 7, click “Start” > “Interface” > “Devices & Printers”

Home Based home windows 10, click towards the “Start” button, pick the “Settings” (cog) icon within the left “charms” menu and pick “Devices” (select “Printers” within the left menu)

When you are on each one of these screens, you need to choose a printer (the label printer you need to interact with Linnworks) and access “Printing Preferences”.

To accomplish this is determined by each system (although the answers are identical in):

Home Based home windows 7, right-click on the printer to deal with and select “Printing Preferences”

Home Based home windows 10, left-click on the printer to deal with and select “Printing Preferences” within the left menu

This could mention the identical panel on any Home home windows OS – it ought to offer you a number of options, with “Paper Format” & “Size” being a few them.

Inside the “Paper Format” section, pick the following:



Inside the “Size” section, type:

Width: 4″

Height: 4″ (or 6″ with regards to the print stock)

Once this is achieved, click “OK” and you will need to print an assessment label.

Whether or not this works, what this means is you’ve push the button correctly.

Otherwise, you might want to affect the different settings accessible within the printing preferences applet to get it working.

This should be repeated for individuals computers – even when they are connecting to a new to deliver a print job.

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