Photo Editing Skills Every Photographer Needs to Know

Photo editing is a vital aspect of photography, and there are essential skills every photographer must know to do them rightly, here we will discuss a few.


Cropping lets you remove some part of the photo. By removing an unwanted part of the image, the area you keep becomes your new image. Straighten and rotate tools are related tools to crop tool. While the straighten tool lets you specify a reference point or a horizon line, the rotate tool lets you rotate your image.

Brightness and Contrast

 Brightness and Contrast tool lets you decrease or increase the contrast and decrease or increase the brightness of the image.

Correctly combining the brightness and contrast settings can add extra quality to your image

This tool is perfect for editing your dull or flat image.


With this tool, you can increase the image color. However, when used in excess, it can result in unnatural skin tones.

It is ideal for outdoor and floral photos and improves the color effect of an image.


The resize tool is used in resizing the image dots or pixels of an image.

It is useful in cases like:

  • Printing an image: to adjust the size of an image to the size you wish to print.
  • Uploading an image to a website: reducing the size to avoid taking too long while loading.

When you try to resize an image past its original pixel dimension, many programs try to fix the missing spaces.

Interpolation program can give a mixed result when you try to increase image sizes way past its original dimensions.

 When this tool is combined perfectly with Crop, you can have a good preview and ready an image to be printed in particular paper sizes.

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