3 Teacher Approaches to Online School

Chances are good that right now your children are completing their school year in front of a device in your home. If you feel bewildered by how online school is even possible, you are not alone. All you can do at this point is make sure you have high speed Internet San Francisco Bay and then try to wrap your mind around this new way of life. To help you understand what is happening behind the scenes, here are three approaches your children’s teachers may be taking to this new situation.

  1. Online Educational Platforms 

Many school districts are opting for ready-made courses. Platforms like Edgenuity consist of video recordings of teachers giving lessons. The lessons can be paused or repeated, and there is a transcript so the children can also read along. There are practice questions throughout. The role of your child’s actual teacher is to monitor his or her progress and record grades on end-of-lesson quizzes.

  1. Live Meetings

Other teachers are not provided with prepackaged courses, so they must continue teaching using software like Zoom and Google Meet. Teachers have to be quite creative in this scenario, finding ways to lecture and otherwise engage students. Many use this in conjunction with Google Classroom where they post videos and assignments.

  1. Performance Software

For teachers of band and music, there are special applications such as SmartMusic. Students are able to play their instruments directly into the computer speakers and receive instant feedback regarding their pitch, tone, and timing. The teacher creates assignments using SmartMusic’s library of pieces, and students can be assessed on their ability to read musical notes and key signatures.

Most professional educators are just as new to homeschooling as parents are, so don’t worry if things seem a little haphazard at first. Everyone is learning together.


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