All YouNeedTo know About  Samsung Galaxy S10e, Cheaper AndCompact, Maximum Power

This year Samsung has released three (3) Galaxy S10 models, three excellent phones in more than one way. The Samsung Galaxy S10e is highly exceptional from among the three, and also the cheapest. However, it is a terminal that, at the technological level, does not give up almost anything. We analyze this excellent mobile.

What should I know about the Samsung Galaxy S10e?

If you like Samsung phones but hate the curved screen, this is the flagship you were waiting for. The last Galaxy S without a curved screen was the Galaxy S7, which started at a similar price. If you bought this mobile phone in its day and are looking to renew it, the Galaxy S10e is probably the successor that your S7 deserves. This is a mobile of a very compact size. If you are fed up with giant mobiles, it is a terminal that is worth considering. It’s a mobile device that doesn’t give up anything. There is stereo sound, PC mode with a Samsung DeX, the virtual reality of Samsung Gear VR, water resistance, wireless charging, headphone jack, microSD card expansion, in addition to being the only flagship of the market with WiFi 6. Technologically it is the most complete mobile. The screen is magnificent, something that is already custom in the best ranges of Samsung. The camera, without being the most advanced, offers many features and good results.

Samsung Design, compact Format

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S10e continues with the common lines that Samsung has been defining in its high range since the Galaxy S6, mobile in which the South Korean manufacturer began to bet entirely on metal and glass, because of the big rival between them and iphone7 family. The aluminum frames are chrome and attract attention, for better or worse (depending on whether you prefer a glossy or matte finish), and they are resistant. The construction in this aspect looks premium, at the same level as the rest of the manufacturer’s flagships.

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