Avoid Selling Certain Products Online Through Your E-store

Setting up a website on Shopify or WordPress to sell products online is one aspect. Another aspect involves being able to find suitable products to resell that will let you make a good profit. You need to find the first profitable product, followed by a second one, with a third, and more. With the best Shopify spy tool, you will be able to keep finding profitable products that other Shopify site owners are repeatedly selling. When deciding what items to sell, there is a catch. You should avoid selling certain products online and on your online store.

Usually big or bulky products are heavy. This means these items are difficult to delivery or ship, and they would cost more or sometimes much more in shipping fees (either from your side or from your customers). Ensure your customers would bear the delivery cost of such items, or at least make sure you have correctly added the cost of shipping with tax to the final price of your product.

There are products that Facebook Ads or Google Ads won’t let you advertise. Such products may be items like counterfeit items, certain types of healthcare products (in which you must have a license before you can sell or re-sell), weapons, tobacco or cigarettes, virtual credits or coins related to gambling, etc. The solution to sell some of these products may involve you getting the formal license. Depending on the actual item, it may take a long time to get the rights to sell them. Make sure you are absolutely sure about the licensing, as they may only be valid some very few countries.

Some products are considered dangerous or harmful to human. They may include military technologies, hunting tools, etc. Actively selling these products may put you in an illegal position.

You should not sell or re-sell fully copyrighted products online. Doing so will only likely get you into legal issues. There are a good chance that you will not be able to make use of most of online advertising platforms including Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

Healthcare products aren’t totally illegal. You may be tempted to sell them online due to the relatively higher profit margin. The risk involves is that when you haven’t used the product for yourself, you may not know how good or bad it is. Also, healthcare products may have to be applied on people’s bodies or skins. If you happen to resell a healthcare product that has certain hidden problems, you may not have known it beforehand.

You may or may not risk selling physically fragile products. The products may give you a big profit margin, but you will first have to add the cost of such damaged risk to the total price of the items.

When you are still looking for ideas of what products to sell for your dropshipping business, you may browse through the Aliexpress website to find some suppliers.

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