Find the Right Backlink Usages as Per The Smart Options

The RAT is a method that focuses on the long term. You don’t focus on what works now, you take the lead for later.

How does this work?

Be patient and from now on check your backlinks for the following elements:

  • Relevance
  • Authority and reliability


  • Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Now let’s see what each element means.

How do you determine the relevance of your backlink?

Ask yourself the following:

You are looking for an SEO Course to learn even more about link building. You’ve already read this guide, already know a little about SEO, so it’s really about a course that goes that extra mile. You can buy backlinks and have the perfect choices now.

What advice do you take?

  • A website about compression stockings, which suddenly links between the text to an SEO course.
  • A large online marketing blog , packed with SEO tips , that links to an external SEO course.
  • No matter how big or valuable the website about compression stockings is, we prefer option 2.
  • Google has this idea too.

Google attaches more value to backlinks from relevant websites. If you have a website about internet marketing, a link from a website about search engine optimization has more value for your position than a link from a website about dogs.

When building link, try to approach as many websites as possible that are closely related to the subject or theme of your website. Don’t focus on value, go for relevance. If the website is relevant, research the authority.

Check the AB value of each backlink

The AB value, or the authority and reliability of a link, ultimately determines whether it strengthens your link profile. Test it yourself.

Ask yourself the following:

You are looking for a new way of social media management. You have been working for a while, you know something about social media, you have already drawn up a strategy and are now looking for a tool that helps you improve and monitor.

What advice do you take?

  • Your neighbor, who just installed Facebook on his phone, advises you to use a tool that his son developed.
  • An online marketer who has researched and compared all social media tools and gives you a top 3.
  • A backlink is, in the eyes of Google, a kind of voice or advice. It is therefore logical to look at the reliability of the advice.
  • The higher the reliability of the website that links to you, the more value Google gives to the backlink.

How do you determine the value?

First of all, use your common sense. How reliable does the website look, have you heard of it before and has the website been around longer?

Once you have tested what your gut indicates, use a backlink checker to test the value. I’ll explain this later. Let’s finish the RAT for now. Once you have checked the Relevance, reviewed the Authority and Trustworthiness, it is time for the Text.


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