Reimagine Your Storefront To Draw Customers in Again and Again, Technology

When your retail business feels stagnant, you may need to rethink how you present your wares. Bricks and mortar operations, in particular, need to consider ways to attract customers’ eyes. Reshaping your storefront requires creativity and determination; however, these proactive measures can help you magnetize your retail space in order to draw customers through your doors.

Work With Your Landlord

Though your store needs to stand out among the surrounding landscape, you must also adhere to your commercial property owner’s lease guidelines. Examine your lease and ask the owner or group to assist your enhancement efforts. For example, they may be willing to add building exterior-improvements such as laser-cut ornaments from metal fabrication shop Cleveland OH.


Creating a thoughtful window display is a time-honored marketing strategy. Your display should fit the spirit of your shop and the goods you sell, whether modern and trendy, or traditional. Make the display clean and minimalist; avoid a cluttered, dirty look, which will be unappealing. Consider an interactive, electronic display with QR codes that will allow you to rotate the visuals.


Any signage you display needs to look professional and classy. Once again, your lease requirements will limit your creativity, but you may be able to refine these guidelines. If you can put sidewalk signs in front of your store, use these to slow down foot traffic; a well-designed portable sign will cause strolling shoppers to stop and read your message.


A dirty appearance will minimize the effect of any creative storefront changes you make. Clean windows and building facades every morning so that your business gleams. If your store is fronted by a parking lot, make sure that the lot is also clean.

A business should be looked at as an ever-evolving entity. If your business has a physical presence, you may need to look at ways to update the look. The efforts you invest in rejuvenating your storefront can pay off in both new and repeat customer business for years to come.

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