Top Reseller Hosting Plans to Kick-start Your Web Hosting Business

The web hosting industry has gone through a phase of tremendous growth thanks to digitization and businesses trying to increase their online presence. Today, regardless of the size of the business, having a website and a social media presence is almost a necessity for enterprises. Since the performance of a website relies heavily on that of the server on which it resides, there has been an increasing demand for good hosting services that are customized to the website’s requirements. While hosting companies invest in the infrastructure and offer various hosting plans, they cannot customize their plans for a small segment of the market. This is where a hosting reseller steps-in.

As a reseller, you purchase resources from a hosting company, create customized hosting plans, and sell it to a targeted set of clients. It is a profitable business if planned well and approached strategically. If you have decided to venture into the web hosting business as a reseller, then the first thing you need to do is define your target market, understand their hosting requirements, and look for Reseller Hosting Plans that offer resources and services fit for the market. Today, we will look at some top Reseller Hosting Plans to help you kick-start your web hosting business.

Top Reseller Hosting Plans to Kick-start Your Web Hosting Business

After comparing a range of features, we recommend the following Reseller Plans for your web hosting business:

  1. ResellerClub
  2. HostGator
  3. Name Cheap

Here is a quick comparison of the features:


While considering the cost of web hosting, you must ensure that you don’t merely look at the price but the cost-efficiency of the Reseller Plan. While some plans might seem costlier to begin with, in the long run, they can be really profitable to your business.

ResellerClub ·        R1 – $11.49 /mo (for 3 years). Renewal at $18.99/mo

·        R2 – $14.99 /mo (for 3 years). Renewal at $20.99/mo

·        R3 – $16.99 /mo (for 3 years). Renewal at $27.99/mo

·        R4 – $25.49 /mo (for 3 years). Renewal at $42.49/mo

Hostgator ·        Aluminium Plan – $19.95/mo (promotional price)

·        Copper Plan – $24.95/mo (promotional price)

·        Silver Plan – $24.95/mo (promotional price)

Name Cheap ·        Nebula – $16.88/mo (for yearly purchases)

·        Galaxy Expert – $29.88/mo (for yearly purchases)

·        Universe Pro – $45.88/mo (for yearly purchases)


Disk Space & Bandwidth

Provider Bandwidth Disk Space
ResellerClub 800-4000 GB/month 40-200GB
Hostgator 600-1400 GB/month 60-140GB
Name Cheap Unmetered 30-150GB


Number of client accounts

ResellerClub ·        Unlimited
Hostgator ·        Unlimited
Name Cheap ·        25-200 cPanel accounts


Summing Up

While we have compared some features where there is a slight difference in the offering by these providers, they offer the basic services/features like WHMCS access for client management, Windows and Linux Reseller Plans, White Label support, and a 24×7 technical support team to answer any queries. Before making a decision, understand the hosting requirements of your target market, research well, and compare the essential features. It is important to consider all aspects before buying a Reseller Plan as the success of your business will stem from the features and services you can offer. Also, remember that clients opt for resellers for customized hosting solutions and personalized service. Stay on the top of your game and turn this into a profit-making business. Good Luck!

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