What is Loom Knitting?

Loom knitting is different from hand knitting in that you use a piece of equipment rather than two needles. You use pegs to put the stitches into place and is relatively easier than traditional knitting. The process is simple and easy to learn and you can create flat pieces like scarves, mats, dishcloths, afghans, etc. or round pieces on a circular loom like mittens, stockings, hats, socks, and sweaters. Here’s more about the different types of looms.

Round Looms

These kinds of looms help with making hats or other round fabric objects. Round looms usually come in sets with varying sizes so you can determine the gauge, or how loose/tight the stitches are, and type of project you’re working with easier. 

Loom Machines

There are also loom machines to help make the knitting process faster and look more professional. Since there are certain settings you can adjust, the process of looming has become much more efficient and consistent. This is especially important to consider if your focus is on production and performance.

Afghan Looms

With an S-shaped design, afghan looms allow for you to make larger works like blankets and throws ranging upwards to 60 inches. The design of the afghan loom lends itself to being more portable as well, letting you create pieces anywhere. What’s more is that knitting is actually good for your health.

Long Looms

Even though the name sounds deceiving, long looms are typically used to produce long works of items quickly, rather than the actual loom itself being long. They’re ruler-shaped and help you make scarves or sweater sleeves.

Whatever outcome you’re searching for with your knitting/loom project, there are many options and tools to help you achieve it. With the many different types of looms out there, and the self-acting loom machines, you’re bound to find the right fit for you and your project.

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