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Home home windows 10 Error 0xc000021a

The 0xc000021a error means “STATUS_SYSTEM_PROCESS_Ended” – basically and for that reason Home home windows possessed a mistake so insidewithin all the machine it was subsequently unable to keep on running.

It displays just like a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death Of Dying of Dying) if you switch on our bodies, which is generally triggered if you upgrade a house home windows 10 PC.

Blue Screens of Dying certainly are a famous element of Home home windows (with a lot of people citing the problem starting with Home home windows 95) – inducing the system to all of a sudden crash (and show a “blue” error screen).

Although trivial for most of us, the BSOD really represents a problem insidewithin all the center in the Home home windows system.

Either some part of the software stack, or its link to the system’s hardware, accounts for an error so grave that Home home windows cannot continue operating.

The commonest BSOD errors occur due to driver issues. This error happens because a botched Home home windows Update.


The main causes of the error include:

Home home windows Update didn’t complete effectively (but left files in your body)

The Update files installed on your pc did not completely overwrite the old ones

Your body may have blocked certain installation processes from finishing (anti-virus etc)

Typically, the following files will probably be responsible:

winlogon.exe – responsible for logon/leave protocols within Home home windows 10. Be it damaged at all, it’ll cause issues such as the one you’re experiencing

csrss.exe – employed by Home home windows to deal with graphical interactivity for your system. If this describes damaged, corrupted or outdated, errors for instance you’re experiencing might have

As it is a BSOD (also referred to as a “STOP” error), we will need to ensure we could apply fixes outdoors the conventional operating atmosphere of Home home windows.

This can be done while using the steps below:


The easiest method to fix the error is always to be sure that you have all the “startup” files/settings repaired properly…

  1. Perform “Startup Repair”

Step one is always to ensure you’re in a position to function a “startup repair” on Home home windows 10.

Startup repairs are created to provide a clean number of “boot” records – permitting resolutions to the type of issues when you are experiencing…

If you are capable of getting accessibility body, you need to restart it into “Startup Repair” mode

To accomplish this, you need to click onto “Start” > “Power” button (left “charms” menu)   hold SHIFT and press “Restart”

This could mention the “Home home windows Recovery Atmosphere” (blue screen of death of dying) which will provide a number of options while using system

Click “Diagnose” > “Advanced Options” > “Startup Repair”

This could perform repair (will take the time) then restart your body

Once the problem persists, start second step

If you can’t obtain access to your body (IE the error appears after boot), you may require into “Startup Repair” using the “forced boot” method

Unlike previous versions of Home home windows, W10 cannot you have to be rebooted to the “Recovery Atmosphere” screen – it must be triggered

The simplest way to do this is boot the body 3 occasions (each time, it has to fail)

Round the fourth time, it must show the Recovery Atmosphere (blue) screen

Within the options that report, click “Diagnose” > “Advanced Options” > “Startup Repair”

Permit the process occur and must restart your body

  1. Resolve BCD, SFC and DISM issues

Once the above does not work (that won’t for 40% of cases), you will have to resolve the various issues with a lot of the primary aspects of the house home windows system.

To accomplish this, you may require into CMD – which must be transported by the “Home home windows Recovery Atmosphere” screen we have to have observed in the first step…

If you’re able to go back home home windows, click onto “Start” > “Power” > hold “SHIFT”   click “Restart”

Without getting utilization of Home home windows (IE the error shows at boot), you will need too up 3 occasions – round the fourth, it must show the recovery atmosphere screen

This could mention nowhere “Home home windows Recovery Atmosphere” screen, you need to click “Diagnose” > “Advanced Options” > “Command Prompt”

This could fill up the black CMD window which lots of people ought to know about

From this level, then you can desire to type the following instructions:

“sfc /scannow”   press “Enter”

“DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth”   press “Enter”

“bootrec /rebuildbcd”   press “Enter”

After transporting this out, restart.

Once the error was while using boot records of Home home windows, you have to notice repaired.

  1. Perform “Repair” Install

Now, Home home windows 10 doesn’t work very much the same as Home home windows 7/8.

Back your entire day, you used to be able to perform “Repair Install” – which led to should you have any problems with your body, you’d basically be capable of keep all your files etc – although Home home windows would totally refresh itself.

It’s been replaced in W10 while using “Reset Installation” feature.

Reset installations are hard to get into, but do provides you with the capacity to “flush” the bad updates from your system – which will solve nowhere screen error you’re experiencing…

Without getting the best Home home windows 10 installation medium (DVD or USB), you need to purchase one

To accomplish this, search for your favourite internet internet search engine to look at “Home home windows 10 Media Creation Tool”

Click on the Microsoft link and download the tool (it is not huge)

After saving the tool for the system, open it up up

Select “Create installation media for the next PC”

Select the appropriate language and system architecture (ensure it’s just like the machine you’ve installed)

Keep to the steps to create the press (USB strongly recommended)

Restart your body and boot it within the USB

Round the initial setup screen, enter an overseas language as well as other preferences, then select Next

Select “Repair your computer”

Round the “Select a choice” screen, select “Diagnose”

Within the list that appears, click “Reset This PC”

Resetting your body keeps your own personal files but frequently removes applications and motorists you may have added somewhere

Additionally to the hassle of dealing with refresh these files, you ought to get the device working again from it

Clearly, this seems as being a lot – even though you could have the installation running should you have ease of access system itself, if you don’t – the above mentioned pointed out could be the next best process.

At the moment – once the error persists, which means you have further issues which have to be resolved (that may also indicate hardware difficulties).

Although there are a number of the best way this done, the particular underlying concern is perhaps you can possess some specific trouble with your computer or setup. With this finish, you’ll be better speaking to someone with actual knowledge about your unique system, either in the direct hands-on approach, or online.

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