Reasons That Explain the Growing Price of Ink More Than a Printer

If you pay close attention to all purchases you make in a year, you’ll realize that printer ink is more expensive than the printer itself. People who have been using printers for a long time have noticed that printer ink runs out faster than in the past. If people think of buying a recyclable or compatible cartridge, the refill tank has less ink compared to the original. This is because manufacturers reduce the amount of ink in the cartridges so that people frequently buy them.

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Reason for Expensive Ink 

Printers are Cheaper

Many printer companies aim to sell printers at a low price and then sell compatible cartridges at a high-profit margin. The printer is a one-time purchase, which is a loss for the company, but the ink is bought frequently.

Many first-time buyers may pay only passing regard to the price of printer ink and may fail to calculate the amount of ink they will receive overtime. As a result, businesses who sell low-cost printers are more likely to sell a large number of printers and acquire these consumers as well as a captive market for shopping for compatible cartridges.


In the marketing of compatible ink, the company has a monopoly. When a company sells off a printer, it gains monopoly power in the ink cartridge industry. Because an HP printer owner can only use HP compatible cartridges, there isn’t any effective competition to drive down the cost of cartridges. As a monopolist, the corporation will set a value for inks where they can maximize profit.


Large printer companies like HP, are purposely attempting to prevent alternative third-party companies from selling compatible ink. This may be necessary to maintain their monopoly power. To prevent other companies from selling ink for a low price, large printer companies will insert electronic chips with key codes in their printer, which refuses to use inks other than HP.

What Can We Do?

You can still get a second user cartridge when compared to a branded cartridge. The cost is about 1/5th of the original price. You may hear manufacturers tell you that this isn’t recommended, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it. The only disadvantage is that modern cartridges contain electrical chips. Therefore, the chip must be replaced by the person upgrading the cartridge.

It’s a good idea to utilize a DIY refill kit, but keep in mind that you must also clean the cartridge before refilling. Avoid cartridges that feature a 3-in-1 cartridge because it may be cheaper to buy refills separately. Don’t fall for a cheaper ink cartridge because that may spoil your machine completely. Do some research before purchasing to save money in the long run.

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