Web Design for a Modern Business

Due to the dynamic nature of human needs, the trends in web design from a decade ago are mostly outdated or greatly improved today. Contemporary websites must-have designs that satisfy the needs of modern internet users if they are to stand a chance against competing sites. But the vital questions to ask are: what makes a compelling website? What gives a modern website an edge over another present-day website in today’s internet world?

Here are a few considerations for a modern website:

Responsive Design

Modern website designs use several markup languages, but the two most common are HTML5 and CSS. They are responsible for the responsiveness of websites today. The so-called mobile-first design means that websites should be easy to use on mobile devices, offering a smooth and seamless transition from desktop to a mobile interface. A responsive design brings the power of a website to the fingertips of mobile users without loss of value.


There are several factors influencing the search engine optimization level of a website but many of them are from the backend. Modern web design considers SEO and creates the space for it to thrive. Today, speed and loading time is vital to SEO; slow websites may have little to no visibility on search engines. For your website, insist on a design that is SEO-compliant.


Graphics are essential to the modern internet user as the trend has moved from text-based content to other content formats such as video, audio, images, audio-visual, etc. In the social media space, videos and images attract more attention than text. For websites to meet this trend, graphic files must be of high quality and accurately relate to their content.

Social Media Integration

Facebook alone has nearly two billion users monthly. Social media platforms attract billions of users, making them the biggest marketplaces in the world. If your business does not have a social media presence, you are passing up on some insane profits. Yet, social media platforms are not to be trusted to last forever or to not kick you off at any time. Therefore, you must use social media to direct traffic to your business website.

User Experience (UX)

UX entails everything about how a user interacts with your website. Clear legible fonts, the right typography, etc., are all vital for your website. Modern web design also incorporates pages and buttons such as contact and call-to-action, live chat and customer assistance channels, etc., to help users enjoy a great experience.

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