What You Need To Know About Using Metal Doctor Blades, Technology

Sometimes, you may find yourself needing to use metal blades while printing. Some jobs need the quality that metal brings to the table. However, there are different things you need to know before you start using this material. Here is everything you need to know to work with metal doctor blades.

Wear Proper Safety Gear

While it may sound out there, you will need to wear safety gear when dealing with metal. Gloves are the best option because they protect your hands in case you drop or break the blade. If you need to access a blade under pressure, you should also consider a face shield or safety glasses to protect your eyes if it breaks and shards fly towards you. You should also make sure you wear shoes anytime you handle metal to protect your feet from shards. If you adhere to these guidelines, you may feel less comfortable than when you normally handle plastic blades. However, you will be much safer in the end.

Choose the Right Blade

To get the benefits of using metal, you must choose the right blade. After all, several different types of metal can be shaped into blades. The type you choose should be based on the ink you use, the print quality you need, and how long you need it to last. So think about these when setting up your printer for that large order you got that deals with the harbor seal.

No matter how much you avoid them, you will eventually need to use a metal doctor blade at some point in your printing career. When this happens, you need to be ready to handle it. That means you should know more about metal doctor blades before you encounter them. Remember the facts in this article for success down the road.

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